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ACRL Distance Learning Section Guidelines Committee. “Standards for Distance Learning Library Services.” College and Research Libraries News 69, no. 9 (2008): 558-569. 
A revision of the 2004 Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services from the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) was formally approved by the ACRL Board of Directors on July 1, 2008.  This article is the official print publication of those newly-titled “Standards…” and thus a core document in distance learning library services.  A description of the 1963 origin and revision activities for this edition is included in the article.  These standards provide guidelines for ensuring that distance students and faculty who teach remotely are not disadvantaged by their off-campus status.  The content is particularly appropriate for administrators and librarian-administrators of postsecondary educational institutions.  However faculty, distance education program staff, accrediting organizations, and funding sources will also find the document useful in identifying key elements of library support for student learning.  Responsibilities of the institution and the librarian-administrator are delineated, from planning to documentation and assessment.  The article text, including standards and provenance, is also available on the ACRL website at  J. Hutton